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Free up your storage room space! We both buy used Sun server equipment. Let us know if you have any surplus data center network hardware that you are looking to sell and we will quote you a fair market value.
We Buy Sun Servers:
Sun Enterprise 220R Sun Enterprise 420R Sun Fire 280R Sun Fire E15K Sun Fire E20K Sun Fire E25K Sun Fire E2900 Sun Fire E4800 Sun Fire E4900 Sun Fire E6800 Sun Fire E6900 Sun Fire T1000 Sun Fire T2000 Sun Fire V100 Sun Fire V120 Sun Fire V125 Sun Fire V1280 Sun Fire V20z Sun Fire V210 Sun Fire V215 Sun Fire V240 Sun Fire V245 Sun Fire V40z Sun Fire V440 Sun Fire V445 Sun Fire V480 Sun Fire V490 Sun Fire V60x Sun Fire V65x Sun Fire V880 Sun Fire V890 Sun Fire X2100 Sun Fire X4100 Sun Fire X4200 Sun Fire X4500 Sun Fire X4600 Sun SPARC T5120 Sun SPARC T5220 Sun SPARC T5140 Sun SPARC T5240 Sun SPARC T5440 Sun SPARC M4000 Sun SPARC M5000 Sun SPARC M8000 Sun SPARC M9000 Sun Blade 6000 Sun Blade 8000 Sun Blade T6320 Sun Blade x6250 Sun Blade x6220
Please note* Our Sun products are used, tested and working unless otherwise stated. Not that we will always be as clear as possible in the condition of the equipment but to always consider that we are a used computer liquidator and may advertise our equipment as As-Is. Some equipment may have slight cosmetic scrapes, and scratches.
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