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We liquidate company-owned data center, IT equipment nationwide. If your company has purchased new equipment our professional IT company specializes in data center liquidation. We have the capability to inventory, load and handling IT equipment liquidation on a national basis. We provide businesses nationwide solutions for data center network assets. IT managers is your data center closing down or undergoing network server upgrades?

Are you looking to remove and decommission Blade Servers? Decommissioning a Chassis? We are experienced Ebay top sellers, specializing in the sale of high-end technology infrastructure telecom and data center equipment. Sell Us Network Servers, Options, & Spares For Compaq, HP, IBM & Sun. Specializing in Servers, Switches, Processor Kits, Hard Drives, Raid Controllers, Memory and More.

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Our wholesale surplus agents handle the sale of telecom equipment, servers, storage, networking, used Cisco and test equipment. We understand the equipment we sell. We buy electronic test equipment which includes oscilloscopes, logic, network and spectrum analyzers, pulse, pattern and signal generators, lab test equipment, fiber optics, fusion, splicing, optical, meters, and power supplies.

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We come with over 10 years of experience in the auction and sale of technology equipment helping organizations liquidate their high-end inventories. Companies liquidating data center IT equipment have access to over 10,000 liquidation buyers of used equipment the secondary marketplace. Let us handle your unwanted inventory and eliminate warehouse costs for idly stored equipment.

A-Z Computer Liquidators purchases surplus Cisco equipment, network data center hardware and test equipment. Liquidate data center used Cisco phones, used Cisco switches, used Cisco routers, including all other used Cisco networking equipment. Are you relocating, upgrading, or downsizing, or if your just looking to liquidate surplus Cisco phones or networking equipment due to a recent technology installation, A-Z Computer Liquidators will manage your liquidation of your IT hardware investment.

We will make you a fair offer for your surplus used Cisco phones and networking equipment. We can liquidate both large multiple sites data centers and small data center sites. We handle al the logistics, de-installation, and shipping. A-Z Computer Liquidators is looking to purchase used Cisco phones, and used Cisco switches and routers.

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