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A-Z Oakley computer liquidators provide corporate used Cisco liquidation, used laptops, used monitors asset recovery – disposition services. We have procedures in place to remove sensitive data from hard drives using US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M. We provide certification that all data has been removed. There are also options to recycle your used laptops, monitors, networking equipment, servers and donate if you so wish.

We Buy: Cisco routers and Switches, used Servers, Workstations, Peripherals etc.. in good order pulled out from working environments. Sell your used Cisco routers and other networking hardware that are excess/surplus to your requirements.

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A-Z Computer Liquidators offers resources to federally regulated computer disposal services to corporate business environments. Our asset recovery services are quick, efficient and secure disposal when disposing of used desktop and laptop computers. Our mission is to elevate the hassles associated with IT disposal and provide our corporate customers with a stress-free solution for the asset management and retirement of redundant technology equipment.

Sell Your Excess Equipment: A-Z Computer Liquidators want your excess used Cisco routers, used Cisco switches, used Cisco modules and other used network hardware. Call now for a quote on your used Cisco networking hardware and PC computer equipment! We buy bulk Used laptops, surplus monitors and used desktops. get paid on your old computer equipment.

We buy used computers!
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Used/refurbished networking equipment: Cisco routers and switches bought & sold


A-Z Oakley, California Computer Liquidators specializes in selling and purchasing used and refurbished Cisco routers, used Cisco Catalyst switches, used Cisco, used servers, Extreme, Juniper, 3Com and HP switches, used HP/Compaq and Dell desktops, notebooks and servers.

Our Oakley, CA. computer liquidation agents assist universities, hospitals, government agencies and most all other business sectors liquidating or recycling outdated technology assets.

A-Z Oakley, California liquidators offer fair market value quotes for surplus new and used computers and network excess hardware. Our goal is to help companies recover as much of their initial investment and cost quickly before equipment depreciates in value then it already has.

We are technology buyers and sellers of new and surplus electronics


Asset Recovery PC Computer Parts

Used Laptop, Notebook Hard Drives, PC Disk Drives, AC Adapters, Batteries, CD Roms, CPUs, Processors, components, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Dell, Compaq, HP and Gateway

Asset Recovery Downsizing – Upgrades

Used Desktops, Notebooks, Intel computers, Systems, Barebones, Cases, Workstations, Servers & Monitors: Tier One: Dell, IBM, Used Toshiba, HP/Compaq, Sony Gateway

Used Cisco Sale Consumer Electronics
Laptops, IBM, Dell, Used Toshiba Notebook Computers, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Wireless Phones, Telecom Equipment, Telephony VoIP products, PDA, Handhelds and iPOD,
Used Cisco Sale Networking equipment
Used Cisco surplus, Dell, 3com, Sun, Used Foundry, Cabletron, Enterprise Storage, Extreme Switches, Routers, Network Switches, Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment
Network Liquidator Notebook Upgrades
CD-ROMs, Modems, Floppy Drives, LCD Monitors, Network Cards, Sound Cards, Ram (Memory) etc..
Used Cisco - Network Liquidators Apple Parts & Systems
Apple Desktop & Notebook Parts, Laptops, Notebooks, Systems, Servers (Powerbooks, iBooks, eMacs, IMacs, Power Mac Dual G4 – G3s)


Contact A-Z Oakley, California computer liquidators to find out how we can help you maximize the value of your surplus computer inventory. We offer cash for IT surplus assets sitting. Don’t store your used computer assets, see what you can get for them. Please note our liquidation service is only for b2b dealers and business environments and we do not buy from or sell to the general public.

We buy and sell the following used computer equipment:

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