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A-Z Network Liquidators buys and sells new surplus or used 3Com Networks equipment. A-Z offers network liquidation services and cash for your 3Com networking equipment and computer equipment. We will buy your used 3Com Switches and network equipment nationwide.

3c16965 3Com Super Stack II Matrix Cable 2
3c17203 3Com 4400 24-port switch 40
3c17204 3Com 4400 48-port switch 24
3c17210 3Com 4400 FX 24-port switch 1
3c17220 3Com Module: 1000Base-TX 12 12
3c17221 3Com Module: 1000Base-SX 14 14
3c17222 3Com Module: 100Base-FX 8 8
3c17223 3Com Module: 1000Base-LX 22 22
3c17224 3Com Module: Cascade 23 23
3c17228 3Com Extender kit 3 3
3c17268 3Com 2 port 10 G Module 3 3
3cgbic91 3Com 1000Base-SX GBIC 2
3cgbic92 3Com 1000Base-LX GBIC 1
3cr17251-91 3Com 5500G-EI 48-port switch 4
3cr17259-91 3Com 5500G-EI SFP 24-port switch 1
3cr17258 5500G-EI 3Com SFP 24 port 1
3cr17662-91 3Com 4200G 48-port switch 1
3crdsf9pwr 3Com Office Connect Managed POE switch 2
3csfp91 3Com 1000Base-SX 6
3csfp92 3Com 1000Base-LX 8
3cxfp92 3Com XFP 10G-Base-LR ( New-In-Box ) 8
3cxfp92 3Com XFP 10G-Base-LR ( Open Box ) 2
Model: 3c16985b, 3c16986a, 3c16988a, 3c16987a 3com 4400 superstack 3’s 3c17203. 3com 3300 Superstack 3’s. No power cords pulled from working environment during an upgrade, component to component cabling avail. 43 Chaska, MN

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