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A-Z Akron computer liquidation experts offer asset recovery solutions to business and corporate customers, allowing the removal of their surplus IT assets. A-Z Akron computer liquidators buy and sell large, excess, used computer and network equipment, specializing in used technology assets. Our Liquidation agents will schedule an onsite valuation used computers and Cisco, network gear in Akron and throughout Summit County, OH.

A-Z Computer liquidators serve businesses shutting their doors, undergoing bankruptcy, upgrading their used computer systems or downsizing as a result of poor economic conditions. Our clients range from start-up companies, Fortune 500 Firm, creditors to high tech corporate MIS/IT business sectors.

Time to upgrade, downsize, liquidate?

Sell Used Cisco

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Our liquidation consulting services give customers options for removing used network equipment stored and taking up space while also depreciating in value. We buy OEM assets: used Cisco routers, used Cisco switches, used servers, used workstations, used Dell servers, used dell desktops, used Compaq servers and used Juniper and foundry network equipment.

Over the years we have established global contacts with VARS, authorized distributors, resellers, distributors and network partners world-wide, including within the secondary IT open market.

We buy and sell the following used computer equipment from business office liquidations

Computer Liquidators - Computer Liquidation - Asset Recovery PC Computer Parts

Used Laptop, Notebook Hard Drives, PC Disk Drives, AC Adapters, Batteries, CD Roms, CPUs, Processors, components, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Dell, Compaq, HP and Gateway

network equipment- used Cisco Downsizing – Upgrades

Used Desktops, Notebooks, Intel computers, Systems, Barebones, Cases, Workstations, Servers & Monitors: Tier One: Dell, IBM, Used Toshiba, HP/Compaq, Sony Gateway

MIS IT Liquidation Services - Computer Liquidators - Computer Liquidation - Asset Recovery Consumer Electronics
Laptops, IBM, Dell, Used Toshiba Notebook Computers, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Wireless Phones, Telecom Equipment, Telephony VoIP products, PDA, Handhelds and iPOD,
MIS IT Liquidation Services - Computer Liquidators - Computer Liquidation - Asset Recovery Networking equipment
Used Cisco surplus, Dell, 3com, Sun, Used Foundry, Cabletron, Enterprise Storage, Extreme Switches, Network Routers, Switches, Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment
Network Liquidator Notebook Upgrades
CD-ROMs, Modems, Floppy Drives, LCD Monitors, Network Cards, Sound Cards, Ram (Memory) etc..
Used Cisco - Network Liquidators Apple Parts & Systems
Apple Desktop & Notebook Parts, Laptops, Notebooks, Systems, Servers (Powerbooks, iBooks, eMacs, IMacs, Power Mac Dual G4 – G3s)

Asset liquidation of second hand used computers in large quantity and bulk lots.

If your company is disposing obsolete electronic equipment LCD (Computer Monitors); A-Z OH. Computer Liquidators offers a comprehensive IT/computer disposal solution, revenue share / asset management program. This program is for enterprises needing a complete full service computer disposal solution. System Integrators, Value Added Resellers servicing clients and needing to partner with a liquidator, call on A-Z to clear out excess no longer needed IT equipment.

A-Z Akron Computer Liquidators specializes in remarketing of reusable IT equipment online or to a subscribed base of over 10,000 surplus buyers. Do you have retired computer assets for sale our computer network asset recovery and pool of e-waste buyers would like to bid and make offers on you excess equipment and computer closeouts.

Contact A-Z Akron computer liquidators, to find out how we can help you maximize the value of your surplus computer inventory by offering you cash for your IT related liquidations. Please note our liquidation service is only for business dealers and corporate environments; we do not buy from or sell to the general public.

Turn Your Cisco Equipment into Cash!

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