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Cisco Liquidators

Sell RAM To A-Z Computer Liquidators, surplus memory buyers. We buy memory of all types: server memory, desktop memory, laptop memory, and more! We buy SDR DRAM / DDR SDRAM/ DDR2 SDRAM / DDR3 SDRAM Technology Comparison - UDIMM, RDIMM, DIMM, SO DIMM, Mini DIMM, Mini RDIMM, Mini UDIMM... We pay cash.

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  • We pay top dollar for memory lots
  • FAST turn-around: submit your list f memory surplus.
  • No job is too big: The more RAM memory you have, the more we will pay you per RAM.
  • Buyer of memory brands, all memory types, and all memory conditions.

A-Z Computer Liquidators Buys Ram Memory. We prefer 32gb memory, from desktop and laptop RAM to server RAM, from Samsung memory modules to HP memory modules. Sell RAM, Random Access Memory to A-Z Computer Liquidators! We accept memory RAM Module Components from any manufacturer.

Sell Server RAM

We do not buy memory from individuals. We are only B2b. We pay TOP $$ for used memory. Our customers include ewaste recyclers, businesses, corporations and government agencies. We have ewaste partner that will recycle our memory, get paid big bucks for your memory lots. Sell RAM to A-Z Computer Liquidators today! Call us today at 866-666-0340 to get a quote for your memory, CPUs.

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SIMM memory modules - DIMM memory modules - SODIMM memory modules - ECC registered memory modules - Fully buffered DIMMs

Server Memory / RAM / We Buy Memory

We buy UDIMMs, SODIMMs, ECC Registered RDIMMS, DDR2 2GB+ DDR3 1GB+ etc.
Apple Dell Elpida HP Hynix IBM Kingston Micron Nanya Qimonda Samsung

Sell Memory | Sell RAM | Sell Used Memory | Sell Server RAM | Sell Server Memory | We Buy Memory | Sell Ram To A-Z Computer Liquidators

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