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Palmdale computer liquidators Palmdale, California Computer End-of-life Recycling
Palmdale, California computer liquidators LCD Recycling
Palmdale, California computer liquidators Minimum environmental impact
Palmdale, California computer liquidators Comprehensive Data Security
Palmdale, California computer liquidators Dispose of PCs, monitors, hardware
Palmdale, California computer liquidators Auction-Auctions
Palmdale, California computer liquidators Business Office Liquidation
Palmdale, California Liquidators Used Computer Liquidation
Palmdale, California Liquidation Computer De-Installation
Liquidation Palmdale, California Data Center De-Installation
computer liquidators Palmdale, California Distressed Asset Liquidation
computer liquidation Palmdale, California Surplus Asset Remarketing
computer liquidation Palmdale, California Chapter11 / 7 Bankruptcy Liquidation
computer liquidation Palmdale, California Corporate Downsizing-Upgrading

Test Equipment

Data Acquisition DC Power Supply
Digital Multimeter
Frequency Counter
Function Generator
LCR Meter
Logic Analyzer
Network Analyzer
Power Meter
Pulse Generator
RF & Microwave
refurbished used,
Signal Generator
Spectrum Analyzer
Telecommunications Test
TV/CATV & Satellite Test

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Palmdale Computer Liquidators Liquidation Services


A-Z Palmdale liquidators, computer liquidation specialists offer IT asset recovery solutions to business clients looking to sell surplus IT assets. A-Z Palmdale computer liquidators purchase large size asset inventories of excess, obsolete used computer systems, network Cisco equipment and other high-tech electronics.

Time to upgrade, downsize, liquidate?

Memory Ram Surplus, Recycle Memory
Purchasing Email Surplus Inventory

Upgrading your off-lease laptops, computer systems, network inventory, excess, surplus electronics? Contact A-Z Computers your liquidation computing resource for the state of Palmdale. We bid on working, good condition computer equipment i.e. laptops, monitors; throughout a corporate IT infrastructure, including servers, routers, switches, storage devices, and other data center equipment.

System Integrators, Value Added Resellers servicing clients and needing to partner with a liquidator, call on A-Z to clear out excess no longer needed IT equipment.

A-Z Palmdale computer liquidators serve corporations, businesses, hospitals, government and financial agencies either shutting their doors, looking to upgrade their computer systems or downsizing as a result of poor economic conditions.

Our clients range from start-up companies, Fortune 500 Firms, creditors to high tech corporate MIS/IT business sectors. Please note our liquidation service is only for b2b dealers and business environments and we do not buy from or sell to the general public.

We buy and sell the following used computer equipment from business office liquidations:

Asset Recovery

PC Computer Parts

Used Laptop, Notebook Hard Drives, PC Disk Drives, AC Adapters, Batteries, CD Roms, CPUs, Processors, components, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Dell, Compaq, HP and Gateway

Asset Recovery

Downsizing - Upgrades

Used Desktops, Notebooks, Intel computers, Systems, Barebones, Cases, Workstations, Used Servers & Monitors: Tier One: Dell, IBM, Used Toshiba, HP/Compaq, Sony Gateway

IT Liquidators

Consumer Electronics

Laptops, IBM, Dell, Used Toshiba Notebook Computers, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Wireless Phones, Telecom Equipment, Telephony VoIP products, PDA, Handhelds and iPOD,

Used Cisco Sale

Networking equipment

Used Cisco Surplus, Dell, 3com, Sun, Used Foundry, Cabletron, Enterprise Storage, Extreme Switches, Routers, Network Switches, Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment

Network Liquidator

Notebook Upgrades

CD-ROMs, Modems, Floppy Drives, LCD Monitors, Network Cards, Sound Cards, Ram (Memory) etc..

Used Cisco - Network Liquidators

Apple Parts & Systems

Apple Desktop & Notebook Parts, Laptops, Notebooks, Systems, Servers (Powerbooks, iBooks, eMacs, IMacs, Power Mac Dual G4 - G3s)

Contact A-Z Palmdale computer liquidators, to find out how we can help you maximize the value of your surplus computer inventory by offering you cash for your IT related liquidations. Please note our liquidation service is only for b2b dealers and business environments and we do not buy from or sell to the general public.

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Network Switches We Buy:
Allied Telesis
Arista Networks
Avaya - acquired Nortel
Brocade Communications Systems - Now Foundry Networks
Cisco - acquired Linksys
ECI Telecom
HP - acquired ProCurve, 3Com, H3C and TippingPoint
Juniper Networks
Rad Group
Tejas Networks
Telco Systems
Teledata Networks
Network Routers:
Allied Telesis
Avaya - acquired Nortel
Brocade - acquired Vyatta
Cisco Systems
Dell - acquired Force10
HP - acquired 3Com
Juniper Networks
Rad Data Communications
Telco Systems

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