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HP Server Memory - A-Z Computer Liquidators

server liquidators

We buy surplus HP server memory. A-Z Computer Liquidators buyers Of Surplus Memory Chips & Modules pays top dollar for HP server memory modules. If you have DRAM - SDRAM - DDR - DDR2 - DDR3 - FLASH - USB - SSD - SRAM memory sell to us -- we pay cash. We pay cash upfront for your surplus memory lots. Our clients as well as customers include corporate companies, computer and server manufactures, asset management companies, computer remarketers, and recyclers.

HP Server Memory Liquidation Solutions

HP Server Memory WANTED!!

Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard
500672-B21 647909-B21
619488-B21 672631-B21
516423-B21 690802-B21
500658-B21 647895-B21
593339-B21 647899-B21
500662-B21 669322-B21
604504-B21 669324-B21
604506-B21 AB455A
627812-B21 AB456A
500666-B21 AM327A
627814-B21 AM328A
684066-B21 AM363A
676331-B21 A0R55A
676333-B21 A0R56A
593923-B21 A0R59A
593911-B21 A0R57A
593913-B21 A0R58A
593915-B21 A0R61A
604500-B21 647885-B21
604502-B21 647883-B21
627808-B21 647877-B21
627810-B21 647871-B21
AD276A 672633-B21
Not Offered 695793-B21
AM230A 647873-B21
AM231A 647879-B21
Not Offered AT913AA
AT067A QP013AA
358349-B21 H2P64AA
300682-B21 H2P65AA
348106-B21 VH933AA
343057-B21 EM162AA
AB560A GM112AA
A6970A FX699AA, FX699UT
AB475A NL797AA
408855-B21 Not Offered
495605-B21 Not Offered
408854-B21 FX621AA
AB566A FX622AA
AH405A NL674AA
413015-B21 A2H33AV
495604-B21 A2H31AV
397415-B21 A2H32AV
461828-B21 A2H34AV
466440-B21 A2Z48AA
AD345A A2Z50AA
647903-B21 A2Z52AA
647901-B21 A2Z53AA
647893-B21 A2Z49AA
647897-B21 A2Z51AA

We Buy Used HP Server Memory

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Data center administrators can now increase their tight budget by selling off their used servers for hardware refresh purchases. If you are planning to upgrade enterprise-level servers from your data center, get the financial capital you need to purchase new servers - sell used HP Server Memory to A-Z Computer Liquidators. We give fair and fast quotes you on your server equipment. Free up your storage room space!

HP Server Memory Liquidator





NOTE: We provide onsite inspections. Call to schedule an appointment. Hours of operation for inspections are Monday thru Friday between east coast and west coast Wholesale Liquidation Agents available. We handle all shipping costs, so, give us a call today and get money back in your pocket for your used IT equipment. WE BUY SERVER MEMORY: 16GB, 32GB, 48GB, 64GB, 128GB, 192GB, 256GB, 288GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB.